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This is me at the ABC National Specialty held in Carlisle, PA on September 24, 2000 The judge was Mrs. Lilian Ickeringill from England. She is a long time Bloodhound breeder. I was awarded BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX. There was an entry of "about" 200 bloodhounds.

Look at me!  I am pretty! That's right.. get a good look! :o)

This is the judges "first" individual look of me. My mommy was nervous here... she was wondering what Mrs. Ickerengill would think and was afraid I would move or sit down... teehee.

Making the cut! Final cut of girls!

On the left you see a close up of me making the cut. That's my cousin Cruiser in the background. The picture on the right is the final cut of girls. Altho you can't see them all, they are (R to L) me (Rigby), Dana, Fanny, Honey and Cruiser.

Back in for the finale! Bring this bitch over here please!

On the left are some of the dogs who made the final cut going back in for the "showdown". That's me in the middle, my cousin Cruiser on the left and my cousin Zipper behind me. In the picture on the right is when the judge said "Miss, bring this bitch over here please."... she was making 1 more cut and I was in it! Behind me you see (L to R) Denis, Dana & Sam.

Down and back please! Best of Breed & Best of Opposite

Then she said "let me see you go down and back please". Whew. I can do that! Then you see on the left she had chosen Fargo as Best of Breed and me, Rigby as Best of Opposite. YAY! This was VERY exciting!!

Back up and make room! There comes Virgil for BOW!

On the left I don't know what my mommy is looking at. She's so silly! On the right you see Virgil coming into the line for Best of Winners.

The winners!

This is it! The final 3. (L to R) Me, Rigby for Best of Opposite Sex, Virgil for Best of Winners and Fargo for Best of Breed!


This is me with MY RIBBON, my mom & my dad. They were very happy!
I'd like to thank Susanna Anderson for these photos and Bill Slinksy for the one of me with my ribbon.

copyright 2000

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