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BD - March 5, 2002

Hi! I am Mia...

I'm the only puppy out of my mom Am. & Can.
Ch. Soonipi Eleanor Rigby BeCoz - Rigby's first litter.

My dad is Ch. Sandlapper's I Got Even - "Blazer"

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It was a very special breeding from two very special

Champion hounds.  As you can see, I'm not complaining

about being the only child.   My other mom and dad

think I'm the apple of their eye....

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This is my buddy Chipper.

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This is me and my mom Rigby taking a snooze together.

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...and me getting a bite to eat.  Yum....Yum.....


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My other mom Sandy loves it when I stick my tongue out.

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"Mama Mia" Midi

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